Chun Woo Hee, Jeon Yeo Bin, And Han Ji Eun Are Classy Yet Quirky In “Melo Is My Nature” Poster


JTBC’s upcoming drama “Melo Is My Nature” has revealed its official poster!

“Melo Is My Nature” is about the concerns, romances, and daily lives of three women in their 30s who end up living under the same roof.

The main characters Im Jin Joo (Chun Woo Hee), Lee Eun Jung (Jeon Yeo Bin), and Hwang Han Joo (Han Ji Eun) feature in the poster wearing sophisticated black outfits, and they each have a pink item in their hands. Drama screenwriter Im Jin Joo holds up a handbag that looks like it could belong to a Barbie doll, and documentary director Lee Eun Jung charismatically holds a gun in her hand. Hwang Han Joo, a single mother who leads a dramatic life, holds up a baby bottle. The text above them reads, “Did you think you’d be an adult after turning 30?” highlighting the fact that even after reaching the age of 30, nothing in life gets easy.

The poster reflects the quirky energy of the show and makes future viewers curious to see what happens to these three women as they begin to live together.

The drama’s producers shared, “The props held up by Chun Woo Hee, Jeon Yeo Bin, and Han Ji Eun are a summary of their characters’ qualities. Please watch the drama to find out what these props symbolize,” and added, “These three actresses showed amazing teamwork on set as if they had been best friends for a long time. Due to their perfect chemistry, the staff members laughed and exclaimed at each press of the shutter button.”

“Melo Is My Nature” is the work of director Lee Byung Hun who directed the box office success “Extreme Job.” The drama premieres on July 26 at 11 p.m. KST as the follow-up to “Chief of Staff” and will be available on Viki with English subtitles. Watch a teaser below!

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