BTS’s RM Spoils Upcoming Fanmeeting ‘5TH MUSTER MAGIC SHOP’ By Accident


On June 7, BTS‘s RM and JiMin held a V-Live session with their fans.

If you have yet to watch it, you can do so below!

They were interacting with their fans and just when they were about to end the V-Live session, RM might have accidentally spoiled the fans about their upcoming fanmeeting ‘5TH MUSTER MAGIC SHOP’!

He said that he was still having problems memorizing the lyrics of ‘Spine Breaker’. This might have suggested that the song would be included in the set list of the fanmeeting. The moment happened around 1:15:36!

With that being said, JiMin seemed to be shocked!

Fans also noted that JiMin tried to distract the fans watching the V-Live by purposely asking who was knocking on their door.

It was a hilarious moment and fans found RM adorable as he had accidentally ‘surprised’ his fans.

Do you find it adorable too?

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