BTS & The Jonas Brothers Will Likely Be Collaborating Soon On ‘The Voice’


The biggest boy group in K-Pop and one of the biggest boy groups in the US may soon be performing together on ‘The Voice’ as BTS fans are currently buzzing about on the potential likelihood of collaborating with the Jonas Brothers.

The reason why fans are currently talking about the collaborative performance between the two superstars is based on three main reasons.

The first being John Legend tweeting about how he “happened” to run into BTS at the Universal Studios, where he was seen wearing an outfit that he wore during an episode of ‘The Voice’. Why else would BTS be at the Universal Studios unless…

In addition, one ARMY claims to have seen BTS pre-recording a performance of ‘Boy With Luv’ for the show’s finale.

And the official Twitter account of ‘The Voice’ has been building the hype up even more by sending out the tweet below.

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