BLACKPINK Jennie’s Thoughts On Being Called The Female G-Dragon


The title of “the next G-Dragon” or “the female G-Dragon” would no doubt be an extreme honor to have.After all, G-Dragon is arguably one of the most iconic and influential K-Pop idol to exist in K-Pop history.

So how does BLACKPINK member Jennie feel about being labeled as the female version of G-Dragon?

She naturally feels honored as she said it was an immense compliment.

Jennie has revealed that she even used to study G-Dragon. Yes, that’s right. What he wears, how he wears it, and even about why he wears it. Basically, before her current status as a superstar, she would be observing G-Dragon to understand how he attains his influence over so many people all over the world.

If any one actually does deserve to be called the female G-Dragon, perhaps it really is Jennie.

After all, both are the human CHANELs in the K-Pop scene as well!

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