Beenzino Thanks Girlfriend Stefanie Michova For Waiting For Him With Sweet Gift


Rapper Beenzino had a sweet gift for his girlfriend Stefanie Michova to thank her for waiting while he was serving in the army!

Beenzino was discharged from the military after one year and nine months of service on February 17 and was greeted by a tearful Stefanie Michova. The two have been dating since 2015 and she waited for him throughout his time in the military.

In Korea, women who are waiting for their significant others in the military have the nickname gomushin [rubber shoes] and when their significant others are discharged from the military, the women become kkotshin [flower shoes]. To thank Stefanie Michova for waiting for him, Beenzino prepared a special pair of flower shoes for her!

He shared a series of photos on his personal Instagram account with the caption, “I finally gave her flower shoes! I wanted to give these to her the day I was discharged, but I didn’t finish the flower decorations on time. I didn’t have any time to finish it because we’re together every day. I finally ran away for a bit to finish it. Thank you so much, Steffi. You deserve these flower shoes. F%*K rubber shoes.” The photos showed how Beenzino had personally painted flowers onto a pair of Nike shoes to create a pair of kkotshin [flower shoes] for his girlfriend.

Stefanie Michova also shared photos of the beautiful gift with the caption, “I received flower shoes. Painted by Beenzino.”

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