ATEEZ “TREASURE EP.FIN : All To Action” Ranks Number 1 For iTunes Album Chart In The U.S


ATEEZ has made a comeback with their 1st full length album, “TREASURE EP.FIN : All To Action” on Oct. 8.

Their title track is ‘WONDERLAND’ and if you have still yet to check out their music video, you can do so below.

Their powerful comeback has caused many of their fans, ATINY, to fall for them even harder than before.

Adding on, it was reported on Oct. 10 that their album is currently ranked the 1st on iTunes album chart in the U.S.!

This is definitely a huge achievement and further proves that their popularity is on the rise. ATEEZ also shows how they are an idol group that many should be keeping a look out.

Previously, they headed to USA and Europe for their “Expedition Tour” in early 2019.

Are you already a fan of ATEEZ?

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