7 Dances Of SF9’s TaeYang That Will Captivate You


SF9 are awesome performers. The main dancer TaeYang has this something in his dance that gets us captivated by his moves. He can dance to a lot of styles with astonishing performances and freestyle dances.

TaeYang is also a fan of EXO‘s Kai and you might feel some vibes of Kai in TaeYang’s own style.

For new FANTASY, TaeYang is not only good in dance but also sings well and plays several musical instruments.

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Here are 7 dances of TaeYang -one of the best dancers in the K-Pop industry- that just made our jaw drop. For more about his dance, you can follow him on his Instagram, SF9 YouTube (he is editing his own videos), and SF9 Twitter.

Let us know in the comment what is your favorite TaeYang’s dance performance and if we missed your favorite.



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