6 Possible K-Pop Girl Groups Appearing On Mnet “Queendom” According To Netizens


A new survival show is coming to Mnet and it is called “Queendom”. For those who might be wondering what the show is about, it is a comeback survival show between 6 different female K-Pop groups. You can find out more here.

Earlier today, Mnet had released the very first teaser for the show with actress Lee DaHee.

With the teaser being released, Lee DaHee could be seen watching the TV and flashes of the screen could be seen reflecting on her eyes.

Some netizens began to speculate the possible 6 girl groups based on what they have seen.

They believed that the girl groups are Gugudan, DIA, Weki Meki, fromis_9, LOONA, and EVERGLOW.

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Idol Issue

Fans of the possible groups listed were also unhappy to see that their favorite girl groups which debuted through survival programs having to undergo yet another survival program.

Do take note that the list of girl groups are not confirmed by Mnet but speculations of netizens.

Which girl group do you think will eventually be part of the lineup?

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