2PM’s Junho Reportedly Donated Car To Facility For Disabled People During Military Service


On November 30, CBS No Cut News exclusively reported on 2PM member Junho’s good deed.

According to the article, Junho donated a Hyundai Grand Starex to a facility for disabled people at the end of October. This car is worth about 30 million won (approximately $25,400) and he donated the vehicle using his own money.

Due to a severe shoulder injury and subsequent surgery in the past, Junho was judged unfit for active duty at the time of his enlistment in May. He has been working at this facility as a public service worker since June 28.

A source at the facility said, “In order for those at the facility to engage in external activities such as cultural experiences and adapting to society, we need a vehicle, and we had difficulties because we didn’t have one. After learning about this, Lee Jun Ho happily donated a vehicle.”

They continued, “Unlike initial concerns, Lee Jun Ho adores the children and is working hard. Lee Jun Ho didn’t want his good deed to be known to the public, but I wanted to give some good news for the end of the year.”

Junho debuted as a member of 2PM in 2008 and has appeared in many dramas and films as an actor.

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