10 Songs To Listen To When You Miss EXO’s D.O.


With EXO’s D.O. not due to be discharged from his military service for a while yet, it’s natural to miss his smooth vocals. Below are 10 songs to listen to when you’re missing his velvet voice.

1. Yoo Young Jin x D.O. – “Tell Me (What Is Love)”

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Let’s start off with a classic. D.O.’s vocals here are second to none and blend perfectly with Yoo Young Jin’s. You could also check out the live performance here, if you want a D.O.-only version.

2. EXO – “Moonlight”

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You won’t want to stop, stop, stop, stop listening to this one. This mystical ballad showcases D.O.’s rich voice to the max!

3. “Crying Out” (“Cart” OST)

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Released for his film debut “Cart”, D.O.’s powerful vocals match this ballad’s sombre tone. His enchanting song is sure to resonate.

4. “That’s Okay”

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Not only do D.O.’s dulcet tones soothe your ears, the comforting lyrics for “That’s Okay” will soothe your soul.

5. EXO – “Sing For You”

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Soft guitar, perfect harmonies, what more could you want? D.O.’s intense voice complements the style completely.

6. EXO – “Baby Don’t Cry”

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If you’re feeling nostalgic for baby EXO, and more importantly, D.O.’s red hair, look no further. It’s hard not to cry over his performance in this stunning version.

7. EXO – “Sabor a Mi” (original by Luis Miguel)

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This track proves that D.O. sounds perfect in any language. His opening vocals are nothing short of flawless.

8. EXO – “Miracles in December”

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“Miracles in December” is the perfect frosty song to prepare for Christmas. A timeless EXO ballad, D.O.’s vocals are sure to warm you up.

9. EXO’s Chen and D.O. – “The Last Time” (original by Eric Benet)

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There’s no denying that D.O. can sing, but this cover of “The Last Time” really shows his talent. Check out 02:09 to hear his powerful expertise.

10. EXO – “Stronger”

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“Stronger” is the final track on EXO’s third studio album “Ex’Act,” and D.O.’s silky crooning rounds off the album entirely. Check out 01:57 to hear his compelling voice!

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